AML and Compliance Policy

UnitySend Money Transfer is a service of Fast Funds, Inc. , which is licensed as a Money Transmitter in the states of New York and New Jersey. We follow all the rules under the AML / Compliance policies as per the laws and regulations.

UnitySend’s Money Laundering controls are implemented through the following steps:

  • Training staff
  • Producing and maintaining our AML handbook of Policies and Procedures (adapted to each country)
  • Continual updates for staff and Partners through training, circulars and newsletters
  • Inbuilt controls in our software/systems
  • Audit and sampling checks of transactions
  • Reporting to the regulatory authorities when required to do so.

The software system used by UnitySend is fully compliant with the laid down procedures required by the regulators. The software has in-built Money Laundering filters that are able to identify, monitor and track transactions

We are working closely with our regulators to make sure we comply with their rules.